Raymond Seib

Raymond Seib is the portfolio manager for Analytics Development and Sustainment at Boeing Intelligence & Analytics, where he oversees several contracts that provide full product lifecycle support for a wide range of software. During his tenure, Ray has overseen a variety of special projects, including transitioning a widely used mission-critical legacy system from fixed hardware to the cloud and integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning with existing platforms. Prior to joining Boeing, Ray served in the U.S. Army as an all-source analyst with deployments to both Iraq and Bosnia.

Steve Cohen

Steve co-founded Basis Technology in 1995 and oversees the firm’s business operations. With his engineering background, Steve seeks to move the dial on real-world problems by finding achievable waypoints between academic thinking and production-grade technology.

In the mid-90s, Steve recognized a common need among major search engines—Infoseek, Lycos, Google, Yahoo!—and led the company to develop its first text analytics products. With the success of these products, the company started building AI applications for mission-critical operations for national security. Steve is now working to bring the technology developed for the US Intelligence community back to the commercial sector for risk management and opportunity building applications.

Prior to Basis Technology, Steve was an engineering manager for Cognex Corporation in Tokyo and development manager for SMT device inspection. He also consulted on software internationalization engineering and developed software for embedded systems and electronic test equipment. Steve has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from MIT and studied at Waseda University in Tokyo. He actively mentors startup companies at Mass Challenge and other incubators.

Steven Panzer

Steve Panzer is a technology executive who has established and grown federal high tech organizations supporting digital image processing, advanced computer graphics, geospatial systems, and big data analytics, primarily for the intelligence community. These companies include Gould, PIXAR, ObjectFX, and Centrifuge Systems. In his current role as Vice President, Technology Solutions for Culmen International, he leads the integration efforts between Centrifuge Analytics with technology partners such as Boeing and Basis Technologies. Originally from New York City, Steve received his BS in Chemistry from CUNY and MBA in Finance from Pace University. Steve is an avid skier and hiker, and a novice mountain biker.

Michael Dreeben

With his tenure as U.S. deputy solicitor general for 25 years, Mr. Dreeben is only the seventh person in U.S. history to argue over 100 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. He was also a member of Robert Mueller’s Office of Special Counsel, where he handled litigation challenging the Office’s authority.

Zach Yocum

Zach is a Senior Linguistic Data Engineer at Basis. He works with Basis Technology’s engineering teams to research, assess, and prepare linguistic data sets for NLP applications. Zach studied Linguistics and Computational Linguistics.

Hannah MacKenzie-Margulies

Hannah is the product manager for the Rosette Text Analytics product line at Basis Technology where she oversees the definition and execution of the product roadmap, collaborating across the organization to bring state of the art multilingual text analysis solutions to market. A graduate of Reed College in Portland, OR, she is particularly interested in applications of natural language processing that increase access and resources to historically underserved populations.

Philip Blair

Philip Blair is a Senior Research Engineer on Basis Technology’s R&D team. He investigates practical applications of deep learning technologies for use in text analytics. Philip also leads Basis Technology’s machine learning infrastructure team, focused on deploying cutting-edge algorithms into the field. Philip has published research which explores intrinsic evaluations of text embeddings to better predict their suitability for downstream applications in other natural language processing tasks.

Carl W. Hoffman

Carl founded Basis Technology in 1995 to help American companies enter Asian markets. In 1999, the company shipped its first products for website internationalization, enabling Lycos and Google to become the first search engines capable of cataloging the web in both Asian and European languages. In 2003, the company shipped its first Arabic analyzer and began development of a comprehensive text analytics platform. Today, Basis Technology is recognized as the leading provider of components for information retrieval, entity extraction, and entity resolution in many languages. Carl has been directly involved with the company’s activities in support of national security missions, and works closely with analysts in the U.S. intelligence community. Prior to starting Basis Technology, Carl worked as an independent consultant in Boston, New York and Tokyo to international clients in finance and knowledge management. Carl spent eight years on the research staff of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. He is an active contributor to several non-profit organizations, including the Free Software Foundation, the MIT Alumni Fund, and the Unicode Consortium.

Eugene S. Reyes

Eugene has 20 years of experience in software engineering, mainly in several offices within the Intelligence Community. He has been part of multiple applied research and development organizations, focusing on advancing text analytics through various human language technologies (HLT), such as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), entity identification, and machine translation. Growing up, he learned to program at an early age, lectured programming classes, tutored students, and led multimedia productions. Eugene obtained a B.S. in Computer Science and minor in Political Science at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Michael Harris

Michael has spent the last decade immersed in open source technologies, big data, and architecture design for global brands. Upon joining Basis he has focused on real-world implementation of cutting-edge NLP technologies. As a child, he built a hang glider from plastic bags, duct tape, and sticks which subsequently disappeared the day before his planned flight from the roof of his parent’s garage, nevertheless, he has not lost his innovative spirit which he brings to every endeavor.